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Start a home-based business in travel and make a fortune from the multi-billion dollar online industry.

It is true. It is possible to make money online if you are focused, hardworking and diligent. An online travel business can help you achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted. This article will dispel any doubts you might have about starting an internet travel business. It is not something I will sugarcoat. Many of the things I will say will cause a stir in certain parts of online travel. I will tell it as it is.

The Truth!
Who makes money online? Reselling travel products from other businesses is not a way to make a lot. This is a statement that applies to the home-based travel agency market. It is easy to start as a home-based agent. The online travel agencies offer a customized white label website with quality customer support. However, you will not be building a business.

Do not be deceived.

It is amazing to me how much junk there is online that promotes travel as the way to riches and freedom. If you’re thinking of starting an online travel business, this truth is the most important thing anyone can tell you. This is what I want to repeat for you.

It’s difficult to make a living selling travel products from other companies. Building a business selling your own unique travel products can make you rich. If you own the travel product, you can build a successful business and get rich.

The ownership of the travel product is a contract you have with travel suppliers directly. You are not merely reselling a product that was owned by another travel company, tour operator, agency, or travel consolidator. By negotiating directly with suppliers, your business creates the travel product. Your business’s contracts with travel suppliers will become your unique inventory for the products you sell. Your brand is created when you sell the new product. Your online travel agency sells the product to consumers directly online. You can also wholesale it to other travel agencies, tour operators, and resellers.

The Home-based Travel Agent Dilemma.
Although I realize that I’m revealing this information, it is the truth. I don’t mean to be critical of anyone, but rather to give insight into the workings of the online travel industry and show you who is making the most money.

Reselling popular cruises and other travel products is a good way to make money from home. However, if your goal is to make at least $20,000 to $50,000 and build a real business with tangible value, you will need to create and sell your own products.

Travel agencies are not being shut down by the internet.
The main reason brick-and-mortar travel agencies are closing isn’t because of the Internet, but because they are merely reselling travel products from other companies. While the Internet played a role in the demise of traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies, the main reason for the decline in travel agencies and agents in the industry is that they don’t sell anything original or different than anyone else. It is a business model that has been proven to fail over time.

How can you create your own travel product? There are two ways to own your travel product.

1. Your business is a travel supplier, providing tours, guiding and other tourism-related activities.
2. To resell the products of other travel suppliers, your business should partner with at least two others.

How do I start an online travel business that I can sell products, build a company and own my own product?

Online Travel Agency
Online Tour Operator
Online Tour Guide
Online Travel Broker
-Receptive Tour Operator
-The Hybrid

Let’s talk a bit about each. There are many options.

OTAs, or Online Travel Agencies, sell all things under the sun, including lodging, car rentals, vacation packages and air. This would be the most difficult and expensive type of online business to launch. Although it is possible, it would take longer and cost more to start.

You could build a smaller, more focused OTA if you focus on the second tier of your niche. You could also use the Global Distribution System (GDS), which you can contract for your own air, car and lodging. This last option is not recommended as you will be reselling products that you don’t have. However, if you are able to combine non-owned GDS products and your contracted travel products, you could make a great win-win situation for your bottom line.

Online tour operators sell pre-packaged and dynamically packaged vacations to vacationers. Building an online business as a tour operator is the best way to build a profitable online travel business.

Let me start by saying that the name of the company is somewhat misleading due to the use of the term “Tour.” A tour is different from a trip. A tour usually has a guide who leads the group of travelers. A trip is when the traveler is on their own or with others, but there is no guide. This is a FIT trip.

Selling trips is my favorite way to make money. The traveler purchases a trip or tour product and then goes on the trip independently. This is because there are two parts to it.

1. You don’t need to be a tour guide, nor do you have to hire one.
2. Participating in the tour is not required. This gives you 100% freedom. Consider the time it takes to actually go on a tour with a group of people or individuals.

When my wife and me owned Yellow Breeches House Fly Fishing Lodge & B&B, we operated tours. Fly fishing trips included lodging and guiding. Guess who was one the guides? Yes, you got it. You are my solemn. I wouldn’t change anything about the past. Fly fishing guides and owning a lodge property taught me so much. That type of business is not something I would want to do again. There are better models for travel business. This is part of the charm about my report. I’m able to share some real life realities with you.

Sell trips, not tours. This is the most important thing that I can tell anyone who wants to live an Internet lifestyle and work from home while enjoying the freedom of owning their own online travel business. If you give tours every week, you won’t be living the Internet lifestyle.

Online Tour Guides offer tours for individuals or groups. It’s okay if I didn’t scare your away from the above. The tour guide business can be a lucrative venture that requires little investment. It’s a great way to get into the travel industry and learn how to start a business.

This is the ideal travel business for those who enjoy working with people and love spending time outdoors. You will be outside all day, so this is a serious job. You could use this travel business as a stepping stone to start an online tour operator company. A good friend of mine owns a kayaking guide company. He organizes eco-adventures, which include island hoping for three to 5 nights. It’s something he loves.

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