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Quick way for learning driving

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High Quality Driving Instructors from Pass First Go Driving Lessons  can help you if you are a learner driver on your journey to obtaining your P1 provisional license in Australia. You’ll feel more comfortable behind the wheel and you will pass your driving test the first time.

Pass First Go offers a variety of qualified and accredited driving instructors from local driving school and an easy online booking system that allows you to learn how to drive on your terms. As you work towards your P1 learners permit, our driver training will enhance your skills.

You’ll be able make simple mistakes, improve your driving skills and earn more hours towards your logbook. You can learn more about Pass First or contact us online to find out more about our services.

Learn how to be a safer driver and pass your driving test the first time!

Driving instructors are the best way to improve your driving skills and become a more confident driver. Professional instructors offer:

You can learn about common errors and problems that could lead to you failing your driving test.

You may not be aware of information about road regulations, laws and rules.

A better understanding of safe driving and the ability to drive defensively, avoiding common mistakes and issues that could cause accidents.

Log book hours can be added to your P1 license, allowing you to get it faster

You can practice driving tests to get a better idea of what you might need when you take the real test with a testing officer

No matter where you are located, Australian instructors can prepare you for your driving test.

Driving courses are a great way for you to be safer on the roads by getting the right experience. You pass the test and get your P1 license in your first attempt!

The Best Driving Lessons in Canberra

Learn to Drive with Friendly, Experienced Instructors

Your driving goals can be achieved. Our fully qualified instructors can help you achieve your driving goals, whether it’s passing the Government test or getting your license through ACT’s logbook program.

Be safe and have confidence

Pass First Go trains lifelong confident and safe drivers. Everything you need to know about driving safely at night or in the rain is covered.


Each lesson is tailored to your needs, from Canberra to Queanbeyan to instructors who drive to pick you up. You can choose to learn with a male or a female driver. You can learn quickly and easily with our adaptable learning system.

Canberra driving instructors

Pass First Go permit you to take a driving test with Access Canberra, or to participate in competency-based training and assessment (CBT&A). You will be able to drive confidently, park like a professional and eventually Pass First Go. Pass First Go’s professional instructors in Canberra can help you get started on your driving journey.

Why book with Pass First Go?

You have the option to choose from many different driving instructors and trainers. Before you book, view their reviews and see their qualifications.

Convenience – We make it easy to book driving lessons online. Even if your schedule is tight, you can still get the driving lessons that you need on your first attempt!

Control – You have complete control over the whole process. Online bookings and payments can be managed easily. You also have the opportunity to receive driver training that will make you a safer driver.



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